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Golden Health Colostrum Milk Powder

Code: GH-CMP3750

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Features and Benefits:

Colostrum is the 'First Milk' produced by the mammals. It is a rich natural source of nutrients and antibodies.

Golden Health Colostrum Milk Powder is sourced from strong, healthy, pastured-fed dairy cows and enriched with protein and vitamins. It contains antibody Immunoglobulin G (IgG) and fatty acid Docosaheaenoic acid (DHA).


Directions for use:

For best results, add Golden Health Colostrum Milk Powder to a small amount of warm water or liquid and make a smooth paste, add remaining liquid to the paste with constant stirring.

For blender mixing, add Golden Health Colostrum Milk Powder to desired amount of liquid and blend briefly at lower speed to minimize foaming.



Spray dried colostrum powder, Instant milk powder, Calcium phosphate, Ascorbic acid.


Recommended Serving:

1-2 times daily (5 gram/scoop)

6 months to 1 year old: 1-2 scoops per serving

1-8 years old: 2-3 scoops per serving

8-18 years old: 3-4 scoops per serving

Adults: 4-5 scoops per serving

Please mix with boiled water below 50°C



Close lid tightly immediately after use. Store in cool and dry place. Do not refrigerate. When mixed with prepared foods, use promptly or store appropriately.